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Thursday, March 16, 2017
Tanghali na, Tulog pa ang Pilipinas

Dear Philippines

I don't know if you've ever noticed this but



Literally 9 out of 10 of those products from just these 3 samples are all imported or manufactured by Thailand.

O baka hindi ako nainitindihan. Heto ang ibig sabihin ng 'Eating Someone's Lunch'

Eating someone's lunch generally refers to defeating or outwitting an opponent. In the business world, it describes situations where one company outperforms another and earns a larger market share. Read more: Eating Someone's Lunch

Tanghali na, Juan. Nakakain na ang lahat. Hoy Gising!

Posted at 01:03 pm by anthem_rose
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Wala Talagang Forever


So a recap: after being rejected by the Commission on Appointments for his "misleading statements" (aka lies), the former "foreigner" foreign secretary had the gall to say

"I rest comfortably in the succinct words of wisdom of a dear friend that when politicians accuse you of not telling the truth, be of good cheer for they are lying," he added...
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Oh my gulay. Is the real life or is this fantasy? But I can't blame him. After all, when you're one of Dear President's closest allies, besties from school days, it's not surprising the Palace had your back.

It has delayed his confirmation but the citizenship of Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. is a non-issue as far as Malacanang is concerned. Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said Yasay has already discussed the issue before members of the Commission on Appointments (CA)."In effect it's a non-issue simply because Secretary Yasay has already explained the intricacies of what actually happened, "Abella said in a press briefing Thursday. "He (Yasay) was never ever a US citizen," he added. ...
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Clearly, the Palace has zero knowledge of the entire immigration process nor do they possess an ounce of logic. It's insulting to anyone who possesses both or either of the two. Dear President must be so besotted with his school bud that logic flew out the window. Just as his bestie was besotted with him.

"I don't know why I was ousted by the commission on appointments but I did not lie," Duterte, impersonating Yasay and using an American accent, told a audience of hundreds of mayors.
"If you did not lie, why are you out of the cabinet?" he said to laughs and applause...
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Oh dear. Trouble in Paradise.

Wala talagang Forever.

Posted at 11:31 am by anthem_rose
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Friday, September 04, 2015
Newsreel: Coming out of the woodwork

"The Philippines will station new fighter jets and two frigates as it reopens the former US naval base in Subic Bay to military use in a further response to Chinese expansionism in the disputed South China Sea.
Defence undersecretary Pio Lorenzo Batino told Reuters the Philippine military signed an agreement in May with the zone's operator, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, to use parts of the installation under a renewable 15-year lease. It marks the first time the massive installation has functioned as a military base in 23 years."
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Jet fighters? Uhm. Where are they? Oh sorry you didn't say whose. My bad.

With this so-called "declaration to reopen Subic for AFP "(no doubt US assets will make up the bulk of it. Really, who can believe the Philippine Military will fill it up?), the pests are coming out of the woodwork. Again.

And boy, are they antsy. Especially US-based Filipino leftists.

By the way, What are such pleasant people' doing in their favorite country, the United States of *holes (to them)?

At least Snowden is keeping it real in Russia.

They just held a kangaroo court in DC to accuse the US and PH admins of human rights violations among others etc. Come on, you know what a kangaroo court is. No summons, no hard evidence presented. Just a bunch of third grade level antagonism.

I may not agree with Loida-Nicholas Lewis on US politics, but she at least, is no stranger to the militant left's antics. Good thing she was there to knock some sense into, ahem, a blank wall.

Now I have just reached the end of my patience with Balitang America. They seem to have left-wing sympathies especially that newscaster Gel Santos Relos.

Posted at 12:27 pm by anthem_rose
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Saturday, May 23, 2015
Doctor, Who is She?

So I'm a Whovian. Maybe middle-ground Whovian, if there's such a term. I haven't really caught up with all the episodes from the latest seasons since Matt Smith left since I've been busy reviewing and re-watching all the earlier episodes. This week I'll finally have the time to catch up to some of them and maybe write a review on Capaldi's debut episode.

I apologize if this is all sounding familiar for you. Let's just chalk it up to a trip back in time in the Tardis, okay?

Re-watching has allowed me to experience the highs and the lows again. But I just remembered exactly what I hate about replays (sometimes) - now I've been watching TV since before the Internet was born so they don't exactly disturb my sleep. Still, they're enough to make me grind my teeth while watching.

It's not the badly written episodes, the fillers or "okay" episodes. It's the badly written characters. Every time. It's like someone pulled up Doctor Who on fan

I mean, seriously. Why oh why do Normal but sharp characters like Donna Noble get shafted early while River Song/Melody Pond gets whole 3 seasons? Granted, she didn't show up for all of the episodes. But she was annoying in the ones she showed up for. She almost stole the spotlight from her parents!

Look, I don't hate her. She's only a fictional character, after all. Especially not her actress. But I hate what that character has turned out to be. She was fine in her first appearance. She was also fine interacting with the Doctor and his companions. I even found some of their banter/flirting hilarious. But they should have stopped there. For real. I don't buy their epic romance. I don't buy her supposed "epicness" by sticking her with a gun and having her be awesome because of that and because she's the Doctor's wife!

Take a look at their relationship. Really. We are supposed to believe in that wedding. A wedding in an aborted timeline. That was utterly romantic. NOT. He didn't even want to marry her in the first place and basically snapped at her.

By the way, Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't River herself told her Mama Amy that she didn't actually kill Madame Kovarian because it happened in that timeline? But for some reason, Moffat or the writers who dreamt up that abomination wanted their cake and ate it too.

She was essentially going to let the universe die if she didn't have her precious Doctor wedded to her. Her whole life has revolved around him since birth. Gag. By the way, their supposed romantic 'dates' that led to or happened after that wedding was only mentioned by the Doctor and River occasionally. HAPPENED OFFSCREEN. Yep Offscreen dates that sound more like booty calls. He springs her out of her cell at nights to have Stevie Wonder sing for her then takes her back. Like taking back a hooker to her usual corner. Gag. The Time Lord is such a 14 year old boy.

Actually, that might be an insult to some 14 year olds. They don't call hookers. They just rely on magazines.

Lastly, Don't get me started on Rose Tyler. She was also fine in the first season and maybe the first few episodes of S2. But once again, the writer or writers took some inspiration from the pubescent writers of fan Dr Who and we had a Rose who obviously thought of herself as so fine, desperately fine to the Doctor. So fine that every woman who might have been or become too close to the Doctor was a potential rival. So fine that again, like River she could only be happy in a world with her precious Time Lord, forgetting that he is a Time Lord. I don't think she was even seriously happy with that clone.

And some people are annoyed with Martha's crush on the Doc? Well, if you are then you should be upchucking at the River episodes and Rose Tyler's scenes in S2. If you're not then you're probably just watching for the romantic thrills which I'm sure you can get much more of in Nicholas Sparks' works or better yet, fan

As for the Doctor (and his writer/s) maybe he should ask himself next time before picking up another 'stray' (to borrow Martha's words), am I picking up a friend, a BFF, or a "booty call"?

Posted at 09:30 pm by anthem_rose
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Saturday, May 02, 2015
Beat The May Weather

It is finally Saturday. How time Flies. Filipinos right now are already hyper excited, making plans to go the bars, barangay halls (for those in the Philippines), casinos or anywhere that will be showing Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Making preparations for a feast with friends and relatives at home, splitting the costs of $99.95 pay per viewing or in the case of Pinoys in the Philippines, that amount goes from anywhere to Php 2,000-2,500 to watch the fight on Philippine Cable.

There's going to be that familiar frenzy going on. IT'S ONLY FRIDAY! you ask/scream. Well, if you have to ask me that, you're probably new to all the adulation Filipinos have for Pacquio. That and the fact that you lived under a rock the past several years.

Although by the time the fight is shown in the Philippines, it will be a Sunday morning. I foresee a number of Pinoys skipping Church till later. Not to mention the Philippines will be the quietest, crime-free country in Southeast Asia for the duration of the fight. Yes, the Pacman is that big in the Philippines.

I guess I should count myself lucky. Seeing as I'm no Sports fan let alone a Boxing fan, I'd probably go a little crazy, if not annoyed from all the hoopla going on in the household. Fortunately, my parents are not as crazy about Boxing as the majority of Pinoys are about Pacquiao. Yes, my dad is a Sports fan but he's more reserved. Same as my Mom. Cool lang sila.

Speaking of Pacquiao, McDonalds PH just scored a win with their new ad that appeared in a paper. It is currently making the viral journey in Facebook so I can only link you to the post. Kudos to the marketing person who thought of it. Now you understand this entry's title.

As a Filipino friend once said, For us Filipinos any event is an excuse to eat, party. That's going to be my primary reason I'm going along with my relatives. As usual. So I'm going to watch the Pambansang Prozac. The Happy Pill. The Entertainment Pill to most of Pinoys.

I'm going to eat and watch the fight, because what else is there to do? Watch others be happy for a few hours.Then it's back to the daily grind, to poverty, pork barrel or whatever. If you can't beat them, Just join them. Let them have their Happy Pill for a few hours. Me?I'm not likely to holler or cheer loudly like the rest Oh I'll probably end up cheering a little not because I don't want to. I'm quiet person. I'll probably sit there watch them be happy. Then sit and ponder afterwards why Pinoys don't just have the same enthusiasm to mobilise for changes in their country.

But I'm going to enjoy the people-watching, the reactions and the food. Of course.

Still, I'm going to wish Pacman success. Beat the May Weather, Pacman.

Hey, I may not care so much who wins (as long as one gets badly hurt). but it's hilarious to watch jubilant and ranting Pinoys!

Addendum: Translation
Lang - Filipino/Tagalog meaning "just", "only"
Sila - Filipino/Tagalog meaning "they"
*The entire sentence reads "They're just cool"
Pinoy - Filipino/Tagalog slang for a Filipino
Pacman - one of Pacquiao's monikers, probably inspired by video game character Pacman.

Posted at 08:52 am by anthem_rose
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